Learn More from the Causeway Solutions Team

Learn More from the Causeway Solutions Team

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Thérèse Mulvey

July 8, 2024

Most Americans plan to take overnight leisure trips this summer. Of those vacationers, 34% will travel more this summer compared to 2023, according to the American Hotel & Lodge Association. In Causeway Solutions’ June 2024 survey, we asked more than 800 U.S. Adults 18+ specific questions about the vacation rental property market. ... READ MORE

Thérèse Mulvey

July 1, 2024

From Simone Biles, LeBron James and Steph Curry to Scottie Scheffler, Katie Ledecky and Coco Gauff, superstar athletes are fired up to compete in the summer Olympics. And the majority of Americans will be tuning in! Our recent survey reveals 68% of Americans plan to watch the Olympics this summer. ... READ MORE

William Skelly

June 24, 2024

Customer acquisition is a top priority for the majority of businesses. For marketers, the plethora of strategies and tactics for attracting new clients can be overwhelming. From social media, content marketing, email and direct mail to experiential and event marketing, connected TV (CTV) and programmatic advertising, there are many ways to reach out to prospective customers and target audiences ... READ MORE

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Causeway Solutions

February 5, 2024

In honor of Heart Health Month, here’s how we can help you with heartfelt marketing messages. Causeway Solutions’ Healthcare Advanced Audiences identifies 22% of U.S. Adults aged 18+ who are most likely to visit a cardiologist this year, totaling 52,934,498 individuals. Built from predictive modeling, Advanced Audiences go well beyond demographics, with the ability to drill down to counties, key demographics, lifestyles and behaviors – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. ... READ MORE

Causeway Solutions

June 26, 2023

A large healthcare provider creating its own Payer/Provider Insurance Plan announced it was going to stop accepting patients on a rival provider’s insurance plan as in-network patients. The state’s Attorney General and Legislature attempted to block this move over concerns that vulnerable citizens would be left without access to healthcare as a result. ... READ MORE

Tim Duer

June 6, 2022

American consumers have become accustomed to the rapid increases in healthcare costs – as the rising costs of healthcare have outpaced all other spending over the past 20 years. However, during the painful cost increases over the past 12 months – healthcare costs have gone largely unchanged. How is it possible that the runaway train that is healthcare spending has been relatively unaffected by the rapid increases in prices? ... READ MORE

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Hailey Russell

April 1, 2022

If you have been paying attention to the news lately, you have probably heard mentions of President Biden’s approval rating dropping to the lowest it has been since he took office. Where did Biden take the biggest hit? Who has Biden lost? Check out the answers and some model analysis from our senior analyst Hailey Russell! ... READ MORE

John McClelland

July 20, 2021

At Causeway Solutions, we serve as your GPS and develop a Path to Victory which takes the guessing out of the process ... READ MORE

Chris McNulty

April 13, 2021

Data alone doesn’t equal success. To win, every bit of a campaign must work together. Causeway Solutions analyzes and applies data strategically to make campaigns more efficient and more effective ... READ MORE

Latest in Analytics

Causeway Solutions

June 10, 2024

Jennifer Yoo recently joined Causeway Solutions as our Manager of Data Insights. Jennifer brings a wealth of knowledge in analyzing and interpreting absentee and early vote data and leveraging polling and modeling data in key congressional races. In our latest Causeway Cribs, check out Jennifer’s hometown. ... READ MORE

Causeway Solutions

April 15, 2024

Nick Schroeter recently joined Causeway Solutions as a Marketing Analyst a few months ago. Nick works with our digital analytics and media department to build out new solutions and services for our clients. In our latest Causeway Cribs, check out Nick’s hometown. ... READ MORE

Causeway Solutions

January 22, 2024

Taylor Danos recently joined Causeway Solutions as Senior Research Associate a few months ago. In our latest Causeway Cribs, check out Taylor’s hometown. ... READ MORE