Introducing Advanced Audiences

Build Audiences. Motivate Action.

Advanced Audiences go beyond traditional demographic segmentation by combining customized research with lifestyle and behaviors in concert with predictive modeling and proprietary machine learning algorithms.

The result is a more affordable, smarter segmentation – Advanced Audiences.

We harness years of experience in data management and campaign strategy to create strategic audiences for multi-channel marketing campaigns across various industries. We partner with leaders in online and offline marketing to offer highly targeted activation strategies across mediums.

With shrinking budgets and expanding expectations, Advanced Audiences gives you:

• Audiences beyond demographics, including predictive behaviors, attitudes, values.
• Smarter segmentation, targetable with individual-level data.
• Value-driven data distributed to your offline or online platforms and publishers.

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Superior Data Enhancements

Our leading-edge algorithms score every individual, predicting their likelihood to hold a certain point of view on a specific topic. Predictive scores can be used individually or combined with other scores or characteristics to create targeted universes. These universes inform marketing strategies and advertising campaigns, ensuring that you are speaking to the right people with the right message at the right time to achieve your goals.

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Attention Marketing Agencies:

Ask about our Data Concierge services, including “white labeled” Advanced Audiences!

Responsible Data Stewardship

With decades of experience supporting political campaigns, consumer and business to business marketing programs, Causeway Solutions maintains the highest standards for collecting, managing, and safeguarding consumer data. Our Data Analytics Platform is HITRUST Certified, and we support our clients in creating secure, meaningful connections with their target audiences.

Data Integrity

Advancing innovations in data management and analytics relies on impeccable integrity and transparency. Our HITRUST Certification gives our clients and partners confidence in our on-going commitment to high standards for cybersecurity and data protection.

Our Advanced Audiences are a multi-sourced data product with data elements created from proprietary sources and properly licensed data partners. The data elements contained within this audience list were created without the use of client-provided data.

Digital Audiences

We provide off-the-shelf Digital Audiences in the Causeway Solutions storefront of the LiveRamp Data Marketplace.

Custom Modeling for Marketing Campaigns

For highly personalized marketing campaigns, lead nurturing and activation programs, we offer custom modeling and analytics. Our models generate detailed individual insights and predictive and prescriptive outputs that can be distributed to your preferred activation platform.

While traditional research helps to make big strategic decisions, modeling drives countless small decisions that put a strategy into action. Data collection responses tied to consumer and voter data allows us to create a score for every individual in the population. Our models look at the movement of specific individuals and groups in a granular fashion, enabling the creation of strategic universes and the development of ongoing marketing plans to engage your targeted consumer.

• Predictive modeling allows us to tailor specific messages to specific individuals.
• Prescriptive modeling defines a course of action that enables a campaign to reach its goals.

This information allows you to minimize marketing waste and improve marketing effectiveness by getting the right message to the right person at the right time and moving beyond audiences to individuals.

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