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Data Insights With Causeway Solutions

Better Data

Understanding The Electorate

A winning strategy needs to be built on a solid foundation of quality data. At Causeway Solutions, we work tirelessly to maintain current and complete datasets - including our client's proprietary, first-party data, conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and employ state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure our clients are following the most efficient and effective roadmap possible.

  • Learn basics about the electorate with voter file and consumer data information
  • Dive deeper into voter attitudes and believes with predictive modeling
  • Track trends over time using survey research
  • Understand the why of your voters by conducting focus groups
  • Acquire additional information with data enhancements

Intelligible Analysis

Tailoring Your Approach

Your path to success needs to be customized to tailor-fit your specific campaign. A tailored approach built upon a solid data foundation is invaluable in the clarity and flexibility it provides. We provide plain-language analyses to our customers, so they understand the HOW and WHY of our predictions and TRUST that the suggested pathway gives them the best opportunity for success.

  • Get to know the nuances of your race with a state of the race assessment
  • Identify key targets using strategic audience segmentation
  • Build your campaign strategy using our Pathway to Victory analysis
  • Visualize the electorate with our custom reports and dashboards
  • Monitor changes in the race using Electorate Tracking

Confident Decisions

Executing Your Plan

A successful plan needs to be flexible and evolve with the ever-changing political landscape. We work directly with our clients to create, monitor, and manage a plan focused on making specific missions successful. Our team complements the in-house analytics you already have and helps you develop the analytics you need.

  • Feel confident in your decisions knowing they are made with expert guidance
  • Make real time adjustments to the plan based on AB/EV Tracking
  • Discern the nuances of an election with post-election analysis

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Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling

Know your electorate

Using predictive modeling, Causeway Solutions provides highly targeted insights to measure public sentiment and deliver actionable data to our clients. Our experienced team works together with our clients to understand their needs and to produce customized analytics that provide solutions suited to their real-world requirements.

  • Which voters are persuadable?
  • Where do voters stand on key issues?
  • Who needs a turnout push?
  • What is the pathway to victory for your race?

When we deliver our models, we provide more than just the data. We include actionable intelligence. Our models are not just predictive, they are prescriptive, and we will work with you to turn the data we produce into actions that can be taken with results that can be measured.

Survey Research

Survey Research

Measure public sentiment to drive success

Survey research allows you to take the temperature of the electorate at any given point in time to see where things stand at that moment.

  • Are voters aware of your candidate?
  • What messaging is most effective with key voter segments?
  • Where does the electorate stand today?

Whether you need a quick brushfire poll or a more in depth look at messaging nuances, our experienced team is here to help you find the answers you need.

Focus Groups

Focus Groups

Understand voter behavior

Quantitative data, such as surveys and models, gives insights into the electorate such as where a person falls on the partisanship spectrum, what issues are likely to resonate with a voter, and how likely a voter is to turnout in an election, but it cannot tell us anything qualitative.

  • How do voters feel about the election?
  • Why do they believe what they believe?
  • Are they open to persuasion messaging on topics?
  • What types of things do they actually base their vote on?

Focus groups allow us to better understand the electorate by studying specific segments to better understand who they are and why they behave like they do. This helps create effective messaging plans for those groups, creating more effective voter contact programs and multiplying the power of the quantitative data.

Tracking the Electorate

Tracking the Electorate

Monitor your campaign and adjust in real time

At Causeway Solutions, we understand that state legislative caucuses have a distinct set of needs when it comes to data and analytics.

  • How many districts can you effectively invest in?
  • Which districts should be prioritized for offense and defense?
  • What is the unique path needed to win in each district?

Winning on a district-by-district level looks very different from winning at the statewide level, and we have a proven track record of helping state caucuses do exactly that.


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