To empower our clients to make smart, timely, data-driven decisions.

Causeway Solutions provides you with the analytics and strategic data insights you need for successful marketing plans, business decisions, and political campaigns.


Causeway Solutions was named after a bridge for a reason.

Our goal is to span the gap between data experts and advertisers and operatives who need to use data to achieve their goals.

Causeway Solutions is the Industry Leader in the "Democratization of Data Science."

Let us help you get more value from your data.

In today's marketing world, terms like "psychographics" or "neural networks" are thrown around by consultants and analytics teams in an attempt to entice prospects or impress clients.

We take a different approach. At Causeway Solutions, we believe everyone should be able to access the data, understand it, and gain insights from it.

We organize the data, create visualizations to bring it to life, and help you understand what it all means to guide your data-driven decisions.

Starting with the information you have available, our experienced team will work with you to understand your problems, assess your needs, and generate customized analytics to provide real-world solutions that accomplish your goals. We take data to the next level by focusing on root causes and metrics that will give you actionable insight.

Target Audience
The End Result?

The End Result?

Our experience spans all corners of the marketplace - including scrutinizing local political races with hundreds of constituents, helping to redesign strategic marketing plans for 1,000 bed health systems, empowering Presidential campaigns fought among tens of millions of voters, developing issue-oriented advocacy endeavors for policy development, and managing brand preferences for some of America's largest corporations.

Throughout the history of our company, we have developed over one billion predictions and tens of thousands of unique consumer, constituent, patient, and voter-based audiences - simplifying the custom analytics required to execute complex, data-driven programs.

We develop unique strategies that provide tactics to overcome unique obstacles that organizations face.

Our Services


Causeway Solutions is able to provide highly targeted insights to measure public sentiment and deliver actionable data to our clients. By integrating and simplifying complex information into easy to understand visualizations, we empower our clients to build a roadmap for success.

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Trended Behavioral Analysis
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Audience Creation

Data Support

With over three decades of data experience, Causeway Solutions can develop and help execute data-driven, strategic programs to help further the mission of your organization. We work with our clients to identify their goals, capitalize on the resources available to them, tailor solutions to identify progress, and measure success.

  • Data Acquisition & Management
  • Dedicated Support
  • Data Enhancements
  • Strategic Planning


Causeway Solutions is well versed in a wide range of public opinion research techniques from focus groups to web and phone surveys. We work with our clients to develop innovative solutions to measure name recognition, support levels, and to analyze potential behavior. Causeway Solutions employs a data-first approach to sampling and stratification ensuring that the individuals you are studying are representative of your target audience.

  • Survey Research
  • Constituent Overviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Market & Campaign Analysis
That's Causeway Solutions.

That's Data Done Right.