Data Insights With Causeway Solutions

Better Data

Understanding The Patient

A successful marketing campaign needs to be built on a solid foundation of quality data. At Causeway Solutions, we work tirelessly to maintain current and complete datasets - including our client's proprietary, first-party data, conduct quantitative and qualitative research, and employ state-of-the-art algorithms to ensure our clients are following the most efficient and effective roadmap possible.

  • Learn basics about your patients with consumer data and behavioral insights
  • Dive deeper into attitudes and believes with predictive modeling
  • Track trends over time using survey research
  • Understand the why of your patients by conducting focus groups

Intelligible Analysis

Tailoring Your Approach

Your success needs to be customized to tailor-fit your specific marketing campaign. A tailored approach built upon a solid data foundation is invaluable in the clarity and flexibility it provides. We provide plain language analyses to our customers, so they understand the HOW and WHY of our predictions and TRUST that the suggested approach gives them the best opportunity for success.

  • Identify key targets using strategic audience segmentation
  • Optimize your marketing strategy using our media mix analysis tool
  • Visualize your patients with our custom reports and dashboards
  • Acquire additional information with data enhancements

Winning Outcomes

Executing Your Plan

A successful plan needs to be flexible and evolve with the ever-changing consumer landscape. We work directly with our clients to create, monitor, and manage a plan focused on making specific marketing campaigns successful. Our team complements the in house analytics you already have and helps you develop the analytics you need.

  • Feel confident in your decisions knowing they are made with expert guidance
  • Learn which patients your health system should pursue
  • Maximize your marketing budget by targeting the right audience with the right message
  • Discover data driven solutions to achieve your marketing goals

Communicate more effectively with your potential patients while growing your health system using analytics

With Causeway Solutions, you learn exactly who your potential patients are, where they live, and how to turn that potential patient into an actual visit to your health care.

Patient Acquistion:

Patient Acquistion:

Acquire More Patients Without Increasing Your Budget

We can help you to identify highly targeted universes to target with the right messages for care.

  • Strategic insights on how to interact with each group.
  • Customized path to achieve your goals.
  • Budget neutral solutions that allow you reach the correct patients for care.

Learn More

Patient Preference Surveying:

Patient Preference Surveying:

A Changing Health Marketplace

Health consumers are becoming savvier and expect more involvement in their care.

As patient centered care and shared decision making continues to advance in the healthcare market, it is important that health systems remain in touch with the preferences of their patients:

  • How do they feel about telehealth?
  • Which populations and diagnoses are most in favor?
  • What services do they prefer close to home and for which will they travel?
  • What aspects of price transparency are most influential on their decision making?
  • How do they best receive messaging about preventative care?
  • What are their concerns regarding care in the midst of COVID-19?

With a deep understanding of consumer surveying and preferences, Causeway Solutions can not only help you to determine the preferences and concerns of your current and potential patients, but also help you to utilize this information in moving organizational strategy forward.
Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansions:

Mergers, Acquisitions and Expansions:

Sound Decision Making

As the hospital and healthcare system landscape continues to evolve rapidly, leaders are regularly faced with decisions regarding potential mergers, acquisitions, and expansions. Causeway Solutions will provide the key market assessments needed to improve your decision-making:

  • Will growth provide a new consumer base or steal from the current patient population?
  • What market indicators must be considered in proforma volume projections?
  • How will referring providers respond to growth?

Health care leaders have a vast understanding of their regional markets, but Causeway Solutions has the data and insights to provide the evidence needed to support these decisions regarding organizational growth and expansion.

Value Based Care:

Value Based Care:

Connecting the Dots Within Your Vast Data Set

The slow but continual shift from a fee for service model to value based care will benefit the health systems that implement sound data-based decision making.

  • What low cost interventions will prevent high cost procedures in the future?
  • How are patients best influenced to maximize preventative care?
  • Can early signs, symptoms and diagnoses be recognized as predictors of future problems?

Causeway Solutions can help to connect these dots within your vast data set. We navigate the balance of health and consumer data modeling that is needed to provide care in the moment and reduce the need for care in the future.

That's Causeway Solutions.

That's Data Done Right.