Causeway Solutions - FAQ

Why did you decide on the name Causeway Solutions?

Causeway Solutions was named after a bridge for a reason. Our goal is to span the gap between data experts and advertisers and operatives who need to use data to achieve their goals.

How does Causeway Solutions differ from other data analytics companies?

We believe everyone should be able to access the data, understand it, and gain insights from it. That’s why we organize the data, create visualizations to bring it to life, and help you understand what it all means to guide your data-driven decisions.

We know who our customers are, but we need to know who we should be targeting. Can you help?

Yes! We start with the information you already have available. Then, our experienced team will work with you to understand your problems, assess your needs, and generate customized analytics to provide real-world solutions that accomplish your goals. We take data to the next level by focusing on root causes and metrics that will give you actionable insight.

What services do you offer at Causeway Solutions?

We offer a full range of services from Audience Analytics, Data Support and Consumer Research and Insights.

What do your Audience Analytics services provide?

Causeway Solutions provides highly targeted insights to measure public sentiment and deliver actionable data to our clients. By integrating and simplifying complex information into easy to understand visualizations, we empower our clients to build a roadmap for success.

What type of Data Support do you provide?

With over three decades of data experience, Causeway Solutions can develop and help execute data-driven, strategic programs to help further the mission of your organization. We work with our clients to identify their goals, capitalize on the resources available to them, tailor solutions to identify progress, and measure success.

What type of Research services do you provide?

Causeway Solutions is well versed in a wide range of public opinion research techniques from focus groups to web and phone surveys. We work with our clients to develop innovative solutions to measure name recognition, support levels, and to analyze potential behavior. We employ a data-first approach to sampling and stratification ensuring that the individuals you are studying are representative of your target audience.

When you conduct research surveys, how is that done and how many responses do you target?

Our surveys are conducted primarily by phone and we collect between 2,500 and 5,000 responses.

How do you take the research and turn it into a target audience?

We apply advanced data analytics to the predictive model scores which helps create customized and highly targeted universes of customers for you.

What systems do you have in place to help create these audience models?

Our proven analytics model will push data through proprietary machine learning algorithms to score each individual on the file on every model created.

What types of audiences can you curate for us?

At Causeway Solutions, we harness years of experience in data management and campaign strategy to create target audiences for multi-channel and modern marketing campaigns for various industries including political, health care, commercial, military and more.