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November 29, 2023

Connect with Causeway: Josh Mellette

Josh Mellette joined Causeway Solutions as Senior Data Engineer earlier this year. Josh is a software development professional with over fifteen years of experience spanning web development, application development, database development. He has spent the last several years helping companies migrate on-prem processes into cloud solutions and establishing best practices for consuming data into the DataLake based on business needs.

In our latest Causeway Cribs, check out Josh’s hometown.

1. How long have you worked at Causeway?
Around 5 months

2. What would you say…you do here?
Move data around.

3. What is your most memorable experience at Causeway?
Walking past the White House in DC.

4. Where do you live and what is one thing you love about it?
Tampa, FL. Summer swimming and the “winters”.

5. What are your hobbies?
Any and all food. Potlocks, buying me lunch, sending me freezer meals. Food warms by heart and soul!

6. What motivates you to tackle the day?
The newness of it.

7. Why Causeway?
I heard about how well Causeway treats their people. How nice everyone is and how hard the team works. At the end of the day, people work with and for people.

Causeway Cribs: Josh Mellette

Where is your Causeway Solutions home office located? How long have you been there?
My home office is in Tampa, FL. I have been in the area for almost 20 yrs.

What is unique about your home or location compared to the homes of the rest of the company?
Every day I get to look out over a wonderful pond and a beautiful tree line.

What is your favorite thing about your home or location?
It’s peaceful.

Location Analysis

Josh talked about his good view of a nearby pond and all the swimming he likes to do, so we decided to look at all different bodies of water near him, even without him being near the beach!

  • Not only does Josh live near a pond, but within a five-mile radius, he lives near marshes, creeks, lakes, canals, swamps, and rivers, as seen on the map below.
  • However, the actual bodies and flow of water are comparatively small when looking at the size and flow line on the legend and compared to the nearby rivers, lakes, or oceans for other members of the team.
  • The creek that runs into the marsh near Josh’s house only flows about 1.1 feet per second (or 95 cubic feet per second, the smallest noted category of flowline).
  • The fastest the flow gets is in late summer where it flows at about 1.5 feet per second, while the slowest flow is in December at .8 feet per second.


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