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October 28, 2021

Causeway Cribs: Matt Kararo

Where is your Causeway Solutions home office located? How long have you been there?
On about 5 acres outside of Westby, Wisconsin in the beautiful driftless area (was not glaciated during the last ice age, the topography is very similar to Appalachia). We moved here from around Madison about a year ago. Before there, we lived in Miami, Florida, and before there, we lived in West Lafayette, Indiana.

What is unique about your home or location compared to the homes of the rest of the company?
I believe Therese also lives on a hobby farm, Tim has bees, and the political team is technically in the Midwest, but I believe I’m the only Causeway Solutions employee living on a hobby farm in the upper Midwest. I also think I have the best internet of anybody in the company (cooperative-owned fiber optic).

What is your favorite thing about your home or location?
The peaceful sights and sounds of living in rural America. The mooing heifers across the street, the clucking of our chickens, the owls and bats at night, the stars in the dark night sky, the ability to go outside at any time and just breathe without horns honking or sirens blaring. Having chickens to take care of is great and keeps me on a very set schedule, which means I’m on my laptop before most central time zone folks. Right now, we only have layers, but we want to get broilers eventually.


Location Analysis

We often joke about how Matt lives in the middle of nowhere compared to the rest of the company, but what does the middle of nowhere look like?

  • Examining the National Land Cover Database, we can see the types of land that is around Matt’s home, and we can see that indeed there are fewer buildings and neighborhoods around him, with the red lines of developed space mostly consisting of roads or dwellings near the roads.
  • Matt also lives nearer land designated as “Pasture/Hay” or “Cultivated Crops,” or land with areas of grasses for livestock grazing or land with areas used for annual crops. Matt’s home is the only location in the company near this type of land at such as large size.
  • Focusing on the type of livestock in the area, we can also see the livestock breakdown of the country, seeing that indeed chickens are the most popular livestock, and related USDA maps breakdown the number of eggs produced by layer chickens (like Matt’s) by state.



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