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September 16, 2021

Causeway Cribs: William Skelly

Where is your Causeway Solutions home office located? How long have you been there?
Near Clay's house in Metairie, Louisiana... Been specifically there for 18 months.

What is unique about your home or location compared to the homes of the rest of the company?
What is unique about my home is that I absolutely have the most stuffed lions of any house in the company – including a life-sized stuffed male lion named Arnold that occasionally prowls the upstairs.

What is your favorite thing about your home or location?
My outdoor patio area. It’s amazing to sit outside, grill, drink a cold beer, and watch a baseball game on TV.

Location Analysis

For Bill's map, we did some demographic analysis based on age to figure out the number or percentage of children in his area and the area around him (assuming that the lions Bill has are in fact connected to his children and not his own, despite the distinct possibility). This layer specifically gives us a visual overview of the "dependent population," generally people under 18 or over 65, down to the census tract and shows us these percentages in comparison to the national average. To continue on our search to finding the number of children in Bill's neighborhood specifically, we can get further analysis to find that about 19%, or about 670 people, in his neighborhood are under 18. Beyond Bill's neighborhood, we can also see that he specifically lives near areas with numbers significantly over the national average of dependent population, with some having a higher retired population and some having a higher underage population despite having a similar total number similar population.


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