Causeway Solutions Success Story: Patients and Healthcare Providers

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June 26, 2023

Causeway Solutions Success Story: Patients and Healthcare Providers

Predictive Modeling + Advocacy Campaign Supports Patients and Healthcare Providers

Case Study: Advocacy Campaign


A large healthcare provider creating its own Payer/Provider Insurance Plan announced it was going to stop accepting patients on a rival provider’s insurance plan as in-network patients. The state’s Attorney General and Legislature attempted to block this move over concerns that vulnerable citizens would be left without access to healthcare as a result.


Causeway Solutions used predictive modeling to identify the citizens most likely to be positively impacted by the decision and executed an advocacy campaign around these citizens, using patch through calling to contact their state legislators and voice their support for the plan.


State Legislative offices were flooded with constituent phone calls in support of the healthcare provider’s Payer/Provider Insurance Plan, and the state legislature ultimately allowed this plan to proceed with a consent decree in place that allowed adequate time for citizens to make arrangements for their healthcare needs moving forward.

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