Don't Let the 'Artificial' Ruin the Intelligence

William Skelly

Marketing, AI, Analytics

October 12, 2021

Don't Let the 'Artificial' Ruin the Intelligence

The global AI market size is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of over 40% between now and 2028. Over the course of this decade, we should expect to see AI and machine learning touch every aspect of our lives. However, just because something can leverage machine learning doesn't mean that we should completely remove the human interaction and review from the process as it needs to exist on the outcomes of the models.


In fact, oftentimes, the results of a model are outliers from conventional wisdom. Without human interaction, it's impossible to know if those anomalies are truly new discoveries and patterns or simply errors in the modeling. Without this human component, many of the brightest gems might be missed.

This process, known effectively as augmented machine learning, is the very crux of Causeway Solutions’ approach to modeling and analytics.

Bringing together - or bridging - the domain experts with our deep bench of data scientists remains the single most powerful aspect of what Causeway Solutions offers to our clients.

Bad assumptions that are not vetted through human scrutiny just compound into bad analytics and therefore bad predictions and prescriptions.

Part of the problem with "bad" AI is simply ensuring that the outputs and streams of these models and algorithms are clear, concise, and easily understandable and businesses are starting to recognize that. In fact, according to a recent PWC survey, over 35% of businesses are focused on making machine learning more understandable to "regular" consumers.


At the end of the day - human interaction with machine learning will be a major differentiator between successes and failures for many businesses implementing new AI procedures. Causeway Solutions will remain at the forefront of that innovation and continue to develop best-of-class innovations and insight to make your AI work better.

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