Email Appends and Digital Onboarding

Madeleine Mattesky

Data, Analytics, Digital, Onboarding

March 23, 2021

Email Appends and Digital Onboarding

At Causeway Solutions, we specialize in helping our clients get the most out of their data which oftentimes involves building on what they already have. For example, our data enhancement services and cross-channel targeting solutions combine offline data with online data, allowing clients to expand their reach with their existing audiences and execute highly targeted marketing campaigns. Digital Onboarding and Email Appends are both great solutions. Read on to better understand how they can help you.

Digital Onboarding

Looking to reach your offline audiences online? Digital onboarding is the solution for you! One common misconception is that one to one digital marketing requires email addresses. That is not true. Our digital onboarding service matches your name and postal data to digital IDs and pushes your audiences directly to your digital accounts such as social media platforms and DSPs for targeting.

Digital Onboarding is for a solution for you if…

  • You have name and postal data you want to match to anonymized digital IDs.
  • You want to reach your offline audiences online with highly targeted one-to-one digital marketing.

Email Appends

If you are interested in reaching your audience directly in their inbox, an email append might be the solution for you! Email marketing is an effective form of communication, but it can be very difficult to execute properly. When consulting a client on an email append project, we first evaluate the end goal and timeline. This is not a quick fix marketing solution. It takes time and consistent communication to encourage recipients to open and interact with email content.

Email campaigns are an investment in terms of time and cost, so you want to make sure that your email purchases do not result in money wasted on stale, inactive emails. Sending to bad emails puts your account in danger of termination. Our email append service includes a first contact email sent from an independent domain, protecting yours from any bounces or spam complaints. We only return emails that are verified as deliverable. While there is always risk involved in sending to purchased emails, this additional step substantially minimizes that risk.

An Email Append is for you if…

  • You are interested in matching your name and postal data to email addresses for email campaigns.
  • You have extensive experience in high-volume, high-frequency email campaigns.
  • You are willing to invest the time in cultivating an email database through quality, consistent communication.

To learn more about our data enhancement services and cross-channel marketing solutions, visit Causeway Solutions to get started!