Expanding Reach Beyond CRM By Humanizing Data

Bill Skelly

Thought Leadership, CRM, Democratization of Data

June 13, 2022

Expanding Reach Beyond CRM By Humanizing Data

During this time of tremendous uncertainty, people and businesses seek more data to support decision-making. Accordingly, many organizations have installed Customer Response Management (CRM) systems.

CRM is valuable for understanding the buying habits and preferences of your customers and prospects. An effective CRM will integrate your marketing, sales and customer service functions, helping your teams share critical information and work better together.

However, in our hyper-competitive business environment and volatile economy, you need to attract customers beyond look-alike consumers. You must access new prospects and expand outside your CRM

Reach Beyond The CRM

CRM provides information on past behavior. Don’t get me wrong, this is valuable data. A CRM helps nurture relationships with prospects and strengthens customer loyalty.

There’s no denying that acquiring new customers is a top priority for most organizations. Causeway Solutions is the leader in Acquisition Analytics because we help you find new audiences who are more likely to buy from you, join, or support your cause. Our proprietary algorithms plus predictive and prescriptive modeling help you uncover unique contacts beyond look-alike consumers.

Then, we help you reach this refined target audience one-to-one, using the right messages.

At the heart of acquisition—gaining new customers, patients, members, voters, and more—is connecting people and creating relationships.

Humanizing Data

Causeway Solutions specializes in humanizing data or the “Democratization of Data” because we know marketers, business development, and campaign managers need help organizing and deciphering the data from CRM, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and other applications.

We simplify the often-complex datasets into easy-to-understand information with visualizations that bring the data to life. The ultimate goal is to maximize data-driven decisions.

Another way we humanize data is by reinforcing the fact that people are not just numbers. Your key performance indicators (KPI) must take into account that consumers often make decisions based on emotions rather than logic. We design qualitative research that supplements quantitative information to provide a full picture of your customers and prospects, their preferences, willingness to change behaviors, etc. Humanizing the data is critical.

Data Scientists and Sociology

My study of sociology and human behavior is a guiding force in much of what we do at Causeway Solutions. Since the founding of our company in 2013, our billions and billions of predictions have taken into account why people make certain decisions and how we can help our clients to achieve their sales plans and organizational objectives.

Our data scientists are among the best in the industry at helping our clients access and understand the avalanche of information. Then, coupled with machine learning algorithms, we offer predictive and prescriptive analytics that clarify the data into actionable insights.

For us, it’s all about people and relationships. Our analytics rival leading consulting firms. But unlike those types of consultants, we roll up our sleeves to analyze information and translate the complicated datasets into straightforward metrics for our clients. We provide recommendations to fine-tune your audiences and reach campaign goals and business outcomes.

Our long-time clients say they turn to us for the valuable conversations after the data arrives. Beyond the CRM and typical analytics reports, we humanize the data, helping them develop strategies for successful marketing and outreach programs.

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