GPS for Your Campaign

John McClelland

Path to Victory, Political, GPS

July 20, 2021

GPS for Your Campaign

It is the summer travel season, and while concerns over COVID-19 are still keeping some people at home, for many American families it’s time to hit the road for their annual summer vacation. According to TripAdvisor, more than two-thirds of Americans planned to take a trip between June and August. And of those, approximately 75 percent said they were planning domestic travel. Summer is also the season of travel sports tournaments, which for my family means the almost weekly ritual of packing up the car for the trek to the East Coast.

Whether you are taking a family trip or heading out for a weekend tournament, you probably start up the car, open up one of the popular GPS apps on your phone, type in your intended destination, and go.

But not too long ago, the process of getting to a destination wasn’t so easy.

There’s a fondness for the 1980’s and 90’s that we are seeing in popular culture right now, from the setting for the Netflix series Stranger Things to the opening scenes of the blockbuster movie Black Widow. It evokes a simpler time, when kids ran free with friends in the neighborhood until the streetlights turned on. But for those of us who actually grew up during that era, the family trip was a bit more of an ordeal. It all started with the kids piling into the back of the station wagon (seatbelts optional) and the parents unfolding a giant map. We knew where we wanted to get to, but once the trip started you were at the mercy of any changes ahead, such as construction, detours, accidents, or just heavy traffic. And if you happened to make a wrong turn, well, hopefully someone in the car had a decent sense of direction.

Thankfully, technology has made getting from Point A to Point B much easier.

Waze, the crowd-sourced navigation app, claims to use data from 140+ million users to provide real-time traffic information and routing options. Their website says, “planning for traffic is better than dealing with it.” Most people would agree. Apple Maps says “getting around doesn’t get much easier” and claims to help drivers eliminate wrong turns by even highlighting the correct lane before you need to turn. Of course, a favorite feature for many people is getting a heads up that you may need to slow down a little bit!

Campaigns can be a lot like a road trip - everyone knows the destination, and there will likely be unseen obstacles along the way. Having the data and analysis to plan ahead and prepare for what will come is critical to success.

Here at Causeway Solutions, we are the GPS for your campaign.

For our political clients, we develop a Path to Victory, which takes a lot of the guessing out of the process. Using data from more than 190+ million individual voters and surveys on issues and voter preferences, we utilize predictive modeling to segment and rank the electorate, so the campaign can be both efficient and effective in everything from its voter contact programs to its messaging and even where it sends the candidate out on the campaign trail.

Of course, just as data alone does not change the path to your destination, data alone does not win campaigns. Sometimes you need to re-route. Our team provides clients with ongoing analysis and application to account for any changes throughout the campaign. That could mean adjusting the target universe or modifying the voter contact plan, all with the focus on the goal of enough support by Election Day to achieve a vote goal that ends in victory.

Some people may say getting behind the wheel without a clear plan is just part of the adventure. That may be true when you are driving across the country, but it could spell disaster for a political campaign.

If you want the most efficient and effective Path to Victory for your campaign, contact our team.

To learn more about our data enhancement services and cross-channel marketing solutions, visit Causeway Solutions to get started!