Heartfelt Marketing Messages for Cardiology Audiences & More

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February 5, 2024

Heartfelt Marketing Messages for Cardiology Audiences & More

In honor of Heart Health Month, here’s how we can help you with heartfelt marketing messages.

Causeway Solutions’ Healthcare Advanced Audiences identifies 22% of U.S. Adults aged 18+ who are most likely to visit a cardiologist this year, totaling 52,934,498 individuals.

Built from predictive modeling, Advanced Audiences go well beyond demographics, with the ability to drill down to counties, key demographics, lifestyles and behaviors – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Advanced Audiences “most likely to seek cardiology specialists”

  • Not surprisingly, 64% of this audience is male.
  • Although most are 65 years or older, 7.1% of the audience is under the age of 55.
  • Household income is distributed across all levels, but more likely to have HHI of $50-99k when compared to the overall population.
  • When compared to the general population, members of this audience have a very different view of what matters when choosing a healthcare provider….
  • 50% have “quality of care” as a strong driver, versus only 28% of the general population.
  • The cardiology audience is also more likely than the general population to identify bedside manner or “Connection” with the care team as a motivator; 38% vs 27%, respectively.
  • In contrast, 27.5% of the population identifies “convenience” as the notable driver in provider choice, whereas only 21% of the cardiology audience agrees.


Where are these individuals?

While 22% of the consumers in the country are included in the audience, these individuals vary from state to state. Causeway Solutions’ models go beyond individuals who have known cardiac risk factors. Our Advanced Audiences include models for those who are most likely to attend a cardiology specialty appointment.





Check out our 3-minute video showcasing our Healthcare Advanced Audiences Dashboard.

Please reply if you want a 20-minute personalized tour of our dynamic dashboard tailored to your specific markets. We can help you find the people most likely to use neurologists, orthopedics, radiology, seek a second opinion for care – plus more than 70 exclusive healthcare audiences!

** Note: While consumers with cardiology risk factors are often identified using demographics and known consumer habits (smoking, fast food, etc.), the Advanced Audiences “most likely to seek cardiology specialists” identifies those that are most likely to do just that—actually go to the cardiologist. This provides healthcare marketers with a very different opportunity and adjusts the distribution of the national audience based upon other factors such as state insurance coverage, specialist availability and other variables.

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