Marketing Opportunity: Most Americans Will Watch the Summer Olympics!

Thérèse Mulvey

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July 1, 2024

Marketing Opportunity: Most Americans Will Watch the Summer Olympics!

From Simone Biles, LeBron James and Steph Curry to Scottie Scheffler, Katie Ledecky and Coco Gauff, superstar athletes are fired up to compete in the summer Olympics. And the majority of Americans will be tuning in!

Our recent survey reveals 68% of Americans plan to watch the Olympics this summer. Among men, the interest rises to 73%.

Causeway Solutions conducts a monthly survey of more than 800 U.S. adults 18+. We found the event is particularly popular among adults aged 35-44, with 73% expressing interest, closely followed by those aged 25-34 at 71%.


Causeway Solutions: May 2024

Olympic-Sized Advertising

NBC has sold a record $1.2 billion in advertising for the Paris Olympics. The International Olympic Committee says ad spending from sponsors is up 18% compared to the 2021 summer Olympics in Tokyo.[1]

It’s not surprising that brand marketers break the bank on this major global event. The Olympics attracts young and affluent viewers. Our survey shows individuals with incomes over $100,000 are eager to tune in to the summer Olympics.

In addition, Olympics watchers are more likely to go on a multi-day vacation (49%) versus only 43% of the average adult.


Causeway Solutions: May 2024

Demographics of Olympics Watchers

Olympic viewers look just like us. When comparing demographics of total adults versus the people who say they are planning to watch the summer Olympics, we find they reflect the general population except for both income and educations levels where the Olympic viewer is both more affluent and better educated.


Causeway Solutions: May 2024

Olympics Watchers Pay Attention to Ads

Advertisers can reap rewards by marketing to Olympics watchers because they are heavy media users! They pay attention to ads and use streaming services. For example, 65% of the population says they pay attention to advertising on traditional TV but that goes up to 76% for Olympic watchers, they are also significantly more likely to pay attention to ads on Streaming TV and Streaming radio. This is great news for those advertisers hoping to reach an important audience.

When we asked, “Do you pay attention to ads on the following platforms,” here are the responses:


Causeway Solutions: May 2024

Armed with information about this young, affluent audience, Causeway Solutions can help you create impactful advertising campaigns and marketing messages – even without an Olympic-sized budget! Email [email protected] for support with marketing strategies that will appeal to these media-savvy consumers.

*About Causeway Solutions’ Monthly Surveys

Causeway Solutions has conducted a monthly online survey of U.S. Adults 18+ for more than 3 years. The data offers snapshots into consumer attitudes and behaviors, which support industry trends. Insights include optimism about the economy, plan to purchase and media usage. Causeway Solutions offers key industry profiles, including healthcare, entertainment, sports, travel, restaurants and more. The most recent survey was conducted September 9-13, 2023, with 838 Adults 18+ completing the online questionnaire.

Thérèse Mulvey is Vice President of Strategy & Insight at Causeway Solutions, a leading provider of Acquisition Analytics and innovative data services. Thérèse has worked in media, including television, newspaper, direct mail and digital, where she successfully translated consumer data into insights that address key business issues. She has over two decades of success driving profit, growth and market expansion through the strategic optimization of marketing analytics, research and business development. Causeway Solutions empowers clients to make smart, timely, data-driven decisions through real-time consumer insights to better reach target audiences. Learn more at

[1]: “NBC has sold a record $1.2 billion in advertising for the 2024 Paris Olympics,” Fast Company

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