Privacy vs. Personalization: The New Digital Market

Madeleine Mattesky

Digital Audiences, Advertising

December 14, 2021

Privacy vs. Personalization: The New Digital Market

The landscape of digital marketing is becoming more and more of a balancing act. How are marketers supposed to balance expectations of privacy with the growing expectations of personalization?

Growing public concern over the privacy app tracking and consumer privacy online has led to volatile shifts in the digital marketing data landscape as big tech and social media companies move to restrict audience insights based on in-app activity. Recently, Facebook announced it would remove targeting insights that are sensitive in nature, including political beliefs and health-related characteristics, from its targeting platform. By doing this, Facebook limits an advertiser’s availability to refine an audience based on activity taking place within the app such as page likes, shares, and follows. Apple’s new iOS updates require apps to offer direct opt-in to tracking and to allow users to disable all tracking in the phone settings.

As audience insights and targeting retreat away from personalization, consumer expectations accelerate towards it. Other big tech companies such as Netflix and Amazon continue to refine the incredibly effective tool that is a content recommendation engine, constantly feeding consumers the next thing they want to watch, interact with, or purchase without the consumer having to ask for it. Netflix estimates this level of personalization saves the company more than $1 billion per year. Consumers are inundated with ads across mediums and while attention spans are dwindling, ad personalization and relevance become that much more important.

This landscape is not news to advertisers. Large companies like Coke and Pepsi have made massive investments in consumer data to gain insights into their potential customers and inform their targeting, but it requires significant monetary and time investment to amass such data at scale.

That’s where Causeway Solutions comes in. With a full U.S. consumer file and voter file along with proprietary models, we arm our clients with highly targeted, highly strategic audiences for commercial and political marketing campaigns. Moreover, our strategic digital audiences provide the audience insights in-app targeting platforms no longer offer. We’ve integrated with the leading partners in digital advertising to make this valuable targeting data available to clients at the push of a button.

Our digital audiences include

  • Consumer Demographics
  • Consumer Interests
  • Consumer Behaviors
  • Voter Demographics
  • Voter Interests
  • Voter Behaviors
  • Political Issues



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