New Insights: Is Netflix the “Facebook” of Streaming Services?

Facebook and Netflix are both trend-setting innovators in their markets now fighting for their dominant spot among newer competitors, but the story does not end there.

Causeway Solutions conducts monthly analyses to understand consumer preferences and habits to find the best new audiences to help with targeting needs.

We did an analysis on current streaming services and social media platforms.

Facebook came on the scene and defined social media. Netflix is the go-to service for the consumer market, having the most subscribers and the lowest churn rate. However, young people are now flocking to TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, while Netflix is losing distinction with the launching of other streaming services during this new wave of streaming wars.

But do the comparisons end there? Is Netflix the Facebook of streaming services, and are AppleTV+ and Disney+ the TikTok? Which service is the Twitter?

Trends often present a frame of reality, while data and analysis fill in the color and the details. Contact us to help you with accurate data and insightful analysis to ensure the right target audience gets the right message.

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