New Insights: Binge Watchers are Big Spenders!

How someone streams can be as important when finding your target audience as finding out what they stream.

Causeway Solutions conducts monthly research to understand consumer preferences and habits to find the best new audiences to help with targeting needs.

We dug into viewers of streaming services and uncovered these key findings:

— Spending patterns show that Binge Watchers have a higher likelihood of high-ticket spending, especially for appliances (51%), cars (40%), and vacations (43%).

— Over 40% of subscribers to Discovery (40.5%) and AppleTV (45%) who prefer weekly releases reported buying items from social media, while 44% of YouTubeTV subscribers who prefer the binge model said the same.

— Democrats over-index as subscribers to most services and prefer to binge-watch, while Republicans prefer weekly releases.

Preferences in streaming can make a difference when constructing your target audience. Contact us to help you with accurate data and insightful analysis to ensure the right target audience gets the right message.

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