Gera Carstenson

Operations Coordinator

About Gera

Gera Carstenson Gera Carstenson is the Operations Coordinator of Causeway Solutions. Prior to joining Causeway Solutions, Gera worked as the Executive Assistant to the CEO of Majority Strategies. Prior to working at Majority Strategies, Gera was the Administrative Assistant for State Senator Dan Hughes, a page at the Unicameral, the Financial Assistant for US Senator Deb Fischer’s campaign, and the manager of a US Senate candidate’s election commission and compliance reporting while employed at a political fundraising firm based in the Midwest.

Gera is a graduate of the University of Nebraska with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. In her spare time, she loves spending time with family, is an avid TV enthusiast and enjoys going to the beach to search for sharks’ teeth. Born and raised in Nebraska Gera relocated to Florida with her cat and rescue pup.

Causeway Cribs: Gera Carstenson

Where is your Causeway Solutions home office located? How long have you been there?
I’ve lived in Florida for 4 years.

What is unique about your home or location compared to the homes of the rest of the company?
I’m located near TPC Sawgrass which is a golf course known for their famous island green on the 17th hole.

What is your favorite thing about your home or location?
My favorite thing about where I live is that I am a short bike ride away from the ocean, which encourages family to visit often.

Location Analysis

Being in Florida, we couldn’t help but see what we could find out about the local beaches! Searching for information, we found information from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection concerning beach access points for the public.

  • There are 21 public beach access sites all within about a 20-minute bike ride from Gera’s neighborhood.
  • Only one site has full access with parking, 5 have full access, and a majority 15 have only limited access, referring to the access that the public has to the beach depending on the land
  • Also included in this data are extra tidbits including inclusions of boardwalk trails, handicapped parking availability, restroom availability, covered shelter availability, and more
  • 16 of these sites explicitly allow pets, but none of the sites near Gera have any covered shelters, so looks like Gera and her family will definitely be embracing the Sunshine State whenever at a nearby beach.