A Data Driven Roadmap to Victory

01 Rank and Prioritize Districts

The first step towards caucus strategy should be ranking districts based on data & the reality on the ground to help prioritize everything from candidate recruitment to budgeting.

02 Segment the Electorate

Create strategic universes based on predictive models or available data.

03 Create a Pathway to Victory

Find the path of least resistance to a majority coalition.

04 Prescribe Treatments

Assign necessary voter contact programs to segments of the electorate based on the Path to Victory.

05 Establish a Data Loop

Manage a central repository to enhance and measure data driving voter contact programs with the data that is collected in the field.

06 Track the Electorate

Monitor any changes in the electorate and adapt voter contact programs as needed.

01 Rank and Prioritize Districts

Example: State House Districts Pre/Post Election

By using data we can create a district ranking analysis to better understand priorities and, in some cases, uncover hidden targets that can be focused on to gain or defend seats.

Rank and Prioritize Districts

02 Segment the Electorate

Example: State House Districts Pre/Post Election

Targeted universes allow for campaigns and committees to spend their money wisely and effectively ensuring we are communicating specifically with the voters needed to be victorious in each race.

Segment the Electorate

03 Create a Pathway to Victory

Example: State House District Electorate

Once we have created and segmented the electorate, we can define an optimal "Path to Victory" that provides the fastest opportunity for a campaign to achieve success. This helps us to understand and communicate with EXACTLY the voters who fall on our road to victory.


Expected Turnout: 37,152

Vote Goal: 18,613

04 Prescribe Treatments

Recommending a Course of Action

Not only does Causeway Solutions provide highly targeted universes, we also provide strategic advice on treatment for each universe. These recommendations provide our clients with a customized path to achieve their goals that fits within their budget by identifying the most valuable targets for outreach.

05 Establish A Data Loop

By starting with data – the names and addresses and information on actual people - we can conduct omni-channel voter contact programs reaching the right person across every platform possible.

Establish A Data Loop

06 Track Electorate

Data and analytics don't end once the models have been delivered – through Electorate Tracking routines we can retain and monitor the models and assumptions we have made in previous steps. This allows strategists to make INCREMENTAL changes to plans rather than requiring wholesale changes or panic moments that result in inefficient spending and poor decisions clouded by fear.

Track Electorate