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Health Care

February 2024

Causeway Solutions

February 5, 2024

In honor of Heart Health Month, here’s how we can help you with heartfelt marketing messages. Causeway Solutions’ Healthcare Advanced Audiences identifies 22% of U.S. Adults aged 18+ who are most likely to visit a cardiologist this year, totaling 52,934,498 individuals. Built from predictive modeling, Advanced Audiences go well beyond demographics, with the ability to drill down to counties, key demographics, lifestyles and behaviors – all while maintaining HIPAA compliance. ... READ MORE

June 2023

Causeway Solutions

June 26, 2023

A large healthcare provider creating its own Payer/Provider Insurance Plan announced it was going to stop accepting patients on a rival provider’s insurance plan as in-network patients. The state’s Attorney General and Legislature attempted to block this move over concerns that vulnerable citizens would be left without access to healthcare as a result. ... READ MORE

June 2022

Tim Duer

June 6, 2022

American consumers have become accustomed to the rapid increases in healthcare costs – as the rising costs of healthcare have outpaced all other spending over the past 20 years. However, during the painful cost increases over the past 12 months – healthcare costs have gone largely unchanged. How is it possible that the runaway train that is healthcare spending has been relatively unaffected by the rapid increases in prices? ... READ MORE

May 2022

Tim Duer

May 1, 2022

Time for the biannual Causeway Solutions Healthcare Index – where we survey adults throughout the country regarding their feelings and actions regarding U.S. healthcare. As part of this round of outreach, our survey took a more detailed look at the factors that are most influential for Americans when choosing health care providers. Read more to learn about 3 key drivers in provider choice and how these choices reflect different expectations of our healthcare system. ... READ MORE

April 2022

Causeway Solutions

April 29, 2022

The world of medicine is constantly advancing. From the gene therapy in Oxford that is halting the development of blindness to repairing the human liver with lab-grown cells, we have more access to medical miracles than ever before. However, access to medical advancement is not easy to find everywhere in the country, with certain areas having more barriers than others. How are these areas defined, what are the barriers, and what are the potential solutions moving forward? Read on as Causeway Solutions Analyst Abby Jovanovic takes us into her analysis of healthcare in distressed areas. ... READ MORE

Tim Duer

April 1, 2022

Healthcare reform, health policy, health economics, managed healthcare, Medicare for all, universal health care... the list goes on and on. Each of these concepts represents a new or different perspective regarding the building blocks of our current health care delivery system. Amongst so many massive changes that have been precipitated by Covid, maybe now is the time for healthcare charges to really hit the accelerator – maybe now is the time for some disruption in our healthcare model. ... READ MORE

March 2022

Tim Duer

March 3, 2022

A Causeway Solutions poll displayed many expected party-line differences of opinion regarding healthcare, however, a deeper review of the respondents revealed a noted divergence based upon the exercise tendencies of respondents. While some of the responses of high-frequency exercisers were not too surprising, their social media habits may make you question if these people ever rest. ... READ MORE

February 2022

Tim Duer

February 3, 2022

While the impacts of “the Great Resignation” continue to spread across the US economy, the effects on the healthcare sector have been even more drastic. In this final chapter of the “Healing Healthcare” series, Director of Healthcare Insights, Tim Duer, discusses his departure from clinical care and why he remains hopeful for healthcare operations to emerge from these difficult times with a new outlook. ... READ MORE

January 2022

Tim Duer

January 8, 2022

Your New Year's resolution was to get back to running and your week one plan hinges on buying a new pair of running shoes. As always, your first step was to search for “top running shoes” online….3 months later, you still haven’t bought new shoes (or gone for a run), but the side bar ad on a website is still telling you about the upcoming release of the new Asics Kayano 27. Everyone has been there –this is a typical (albeit stereotypical and a bit outdated) example of personalized marketing. ... READ MORE

November 2021

Tim Duer

November 23, 2021

While COVID-19 took center stage in 2020 for all sectors of industry, the associated challenges that were faced by healthcare were multi-faceted, unique, and came about at incredible speeds in an industry that typically moves at a more modest pace. In this installment of “Healing Healthcare,” we’ll discuss just some of the impacts that COVID-19 has had on the healthcare industry, what the likely long-term influences will be, and of course, how data helps to keep things on course through the chaos. ... READ MORE

October 2021

Tim Duer

October 27, 2021

Our latest edition of Instant Insights reveals that 94% of respondents say that they are satisfied with their health insurance, but is that all there is to the story? Are these respondents totally happy with their healthcare? Or are there hidden feelings on cost, coverage, and quality that paint a different picture? Read on to find out! ... READ MORE

September 2021

Tim Duer

September 21, 2021

The 2021 Price Transparency Rule has attempted to usher in rapid changes regarding a patient’s role in healthcare delivery. While rollout has not been without many challenges, increasing attention on price also provides opportunity for health systems to promote their quality as a driver of choice rather than price alone. ... READ MORE

July 2021

Tim Duer

July 27, 2021

Causeway Solutions Healthcare series Healing Healthcare Part 3 focuses on the rapidly changing world of healthcare reimbursement. As payments shift from fee-for-service to value-based care models, systems and patients both face some new questions. What are the differences between fee-for-service and value-based care? What does it mean for patients? How are hospitals adjusting? And as always… how does data play a role? ... READ MORE

June 2021

Tim Duer

June 15, 2021

How did the United States end up with such a unique healthcare system? We took an in-depth look at the discoveries, conflicts, and legislature that led us to the present-day situation—as well as what the future may hold ... READ MORE

Therese Mulvey

June 8, 2021

Is insurance just another battle of the sexes? To find out, we asked men and women how they felt about their plans. Their answers could mean big changes for healthcare’s future ... READ MORE

May 2021

Tim Duer

May 11, 2021

Healing Healthcare: Part 1 - Healthcare History Causeway Solutions is excited to introduce a new series from our Healthcare team titled “Healing Healthcare.” Over the next few months, we will be ... READ MORE

January 2021

Tim Duer

January 19, 2021

Advanced data in today’s environment allows us to connect the dots from consumer behavior to a diagnosis to a procedure. For example: Men who shop at Big & Tall stores are more likely to have a high Body Mass Index [BMI] making them a higher osteoarthritis risk and giving them an increased likelihood of knee replacement. Read how Causeway Solutions can use data to make your message count ... READ MORE

July 2020

Tim Duer

July 12, 2020

As already slim health care marketing budgets are being cut even further, it is becoming more important than ever that health system marketing teams pivot to new strategies. In response to the ... READ MORE

June 2020

Tim Duer

June 30, 2020

How can hospitals use the chaos and upheaval that has resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic as the catalyst to advance the utilization of data analytics for strategic decision making? ... READ MORE

February 2020

Tim Duer

February 10, 2020

I’ve been working with Causeway Solutions for about a year. My initial role was providing brainstorms for the melding of analytics and health, and now I work to incorporate medical epidemiology and ... READ MORE